Namibia Contact

'Namibia Contact' consists of eight people, who have a long professional experience in Namibia. They want to promote interest for Namibia in the Netherlands. The group focuses on a broad range of aspects like art, economy, cultural and social aspects, health care, tourism, land reform, nature conservation and wildlife. They do this by organising lectures, expositions and seminars, exchanging experience and knowledge between Dutch and Namibian nationals. ‘Namibia Contact’ co-operates with the Namibian - Dutch municipal partnerships and maintains also a close relationship with the Dutch Honorary Consul in Windhoek and the Namibian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium.

Contact information

Namibia Contact
p/a Ms. J. Manting - von Wietersheim
Kroningslaan 8
3743 DB Baarn
Tel: 0031-35 5414014
Fax: 0031-35 5414014
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