Namibia and The Netherlands, 350 Years of Relations

Inhabitants from what is now Namibia and people from the Netherlands probably met for the first time more than 350 years ago when the Dutch East India Company established a permanent post near the Cape of Good Hope. The story of the book Namibia and The Netherlands, 350 Years of Relations that was published in April 2006, starts with these encounters. It continues with the expansion of the southern African version of the Dutch language, Afrikaans, into South West Africa.

The Dutch government established its first diplomatic representation in the area in Swakopmund, in 1911 The ups and downs of this representation, ending in the closure of the Dutch embassy in Windhoek in 2006, are described. One chapter relates the role of Dutch Catholic missionaries and another is the story by a retired journalist, who spent his youth as the son of Dutch immigrants in Windhoek. A fascinating view into the Dutch anti-colonial and anti-apartheid movement and its support to the Namibian freedom struggle, in particular SWAPO party, is written by Sietse Bosgra, an icon of this period. The last three chapters describe the development co-operation assistance that independent Namibia received from the Netherlands and the relations between universities and municipalities in both countries.

The Book

The ten chapters of the book Namibia and The Netherlands, 350 Years of relations are written by experts on each subject. The book has 160 pages and is illustrated with maps and photographs. 2000 copies were printed. The first copy was officially presented to the Namibian Minister of Foreign Affairs during the celebration of the Dutch Queens Day in Windhoek on 28th April 2006.

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1. Early Dutch-Namibian encountersPDF275 KB
2. The VlissingenPDF178 KB
3. How did Afrikaans come to Namibia?PDF185 KB
4. Dutch Catholic Missionaries in NamibiaPDF245 KB
5. Windhoek's small Dutch "Colony" of the 1950'sPDF120 KB
6. The Netherlands and the struggle liberation of NamibiaPDF378 KB
7. From honorary consul to honorary consul, nearly one century of Dutch representation in NamibiaPDF370 KB
8. Bilateral development co-operation 1991 - 2006PDF232 KB
9. Higher Education Co-operationPDF154 KB
10. Namibian-Dutch Municipal PartnershipsPDF285 KB